First modular scalping plant

Pilot Crushtec’s MaxiScalp 600 is the industry’s first modular scalping plant.
Image credit: Pilot Crushtec

At Pilot Crushtec International’s 2017 open day, the company launched two new products: the Pilot Modular MaxiScalp 600 and the Metso Nordplant C80.

Last year, crushing and screening specialist Pilot Crushtec International held an open day for customers, at which it launched two new products: the Pilot Modular MaxiScalp 600, designed and built in-house to meet high-volume scalping needs, and the Metso Nordplant C80 primary crushing station, which is intended for use in modular configurations.

Pilot Crushtec paints and assembles the machines at its Jet Park branch using components delivered from its fabrication company. Image credit: Dineo Phoshoko

Sandro Scherf, CEO of Pilot Crushtec, took the opportunity to speak informally, giving a frank appraisal of where the industry found itself in 2017, its problems and future opportunities.

“There is no getting away from the fact that the last few years have been tough, and in South Africa, this is still the case. It has to be said that local business remains affected by the current political climate; yet, the global market for crushing and screening equipment is well on the road to recovery and in some instances is doing exceptionally well.”

And while the West African market is “lively”, southern Africa is lagging behind.

The Metso Lokotrack LTG1000 cone crusher.
Image credit: Robyn Grimsley

“Current Metso’s experience is that their global factories are working at high capacity due to strong demand from the US, Australia, and Asia. And while European demand is on a gradual upswing, the South African market is lagging behind these trends in terms of sales of new equipment. However, we are enjoying increasing business and enquiries from neighbouring states, including Zambia, the DRC, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.” The Australasian market now accounts for 80% of international export sales, which includes first sales to operators in New Zealand of Pilot Modular equipment.

Pilot Modular GFH560, MC13600 conveyor and Double Deck screen 2412.
Image credit: Pilot Crushtec

Scherf also took the opportunity to reveal the background behind two major shifts in the company’s marketing activities: a dramatic increase in the sale of spare parts and components, accompanied by a rise in requests for the refurbishment of used machines. Spares sales and marketing now fall within the remit of a dedicated division assisted in no small measure by the gain of the Metso franchise.

"The MaxiScalp 600 scalper, designed and manufactured entirely in-house, sets new standards for simplicity and operational efficiency."

“Pilot Crushtec International’s fabrication arm, Pilot MacFab, is being scaled upward to match demand,” said Scherf. “Despite the market being awash with pirate parts, a great deal of hard work has ensured that ex-works prices remain within 10% of lookalike offerings.” The spares market is all about availability and Scherf estimates the value of Pilot Crushtec’s spare and wear parts current stockholding at around R140-million, managed by an advanced control system.

Sandro Scherf, CEO of Pilot Crushtec International.
Image credit: Pilot Crushtec

MaxiScalp 600
The Pilot Modular MaxiScalp 600 is a heavy-duty, primary screen with apron feeder and stockpiling conveyors, for the use of removing oversize material to primary crushing stations. The scalper, designed and manufactured entirely in-house, sets new standards for simplicity and operational efficiency. Free from the maintenance demands of tracks and hydraulics and the escalating cost of diesel, the MaxiScalp 600 delivers a mix of high productivity and economical operating costs. The electrically powered machine can be operated via direct connection to the grid or using genset in more remote locations.

The Rompi bottle crusher is much smaller than Pilot Crushtec’s
usual equipment.

Image credit: Dineo Phoshoko

“It is the first modular scalping unit in the world,” says Scherf. “Scalpers in this form are not unique; there are mobile units, including one from Metso, and we have sold a number of them. What is new, is making this whole concept modular. It takes about two days once it reaches the site to set it up and then it is ready to run. What differentiates this from a mobile machine is that the mobiles are much more compact and do not have the space available that the modular plant does. We can also extend the standard conveyors if required, which is something that you cannot do with a mobile machine. We have already sold the first one to a coal mine.”

Pilot Crushtec has appointed a product manager for its Tower Lights product
line, and plans to expand its focus to uses outside of mining.

Image credit: Dineo Phoshoko

With a heavy-duty skid-mounted structure, the MaxiScalp can still be transported with relative ease, allowing for changes in location and configuration without the extra cost of tracks and a diesel engine. This translates into reduced capital costs, as well as lower overall maintenance and operating costs of the machine.

The MaxiScalp 600 has been designed to accommodate a feed size of up to 600mm and with an output of up to 600 tonnes per hour, and the heavy-duty apron feeder allows for loading by a front-end loader, excavator, or mobile crusher, while the double-deck scalping screen provides three sizes of product.

Mobile equipment was well represented at the open day, including the imposing presence of a Metso Lokotrack ST3.5 mobile screen. Image credit: Robyn Grimsley

Suitable for applications as diverse as alluvial diamond gravel screening, downstream processing, and building rubble recycling, the diversity of the MaxiScalp 600 will find applications in mining, quarrying, asphalt, construction, and recycling all over southern Africa.

Metso Nordplant C80
Metso’s Nordberg C Series jaw crushers are engineered to deliver maximum productivity at the lowest operating costs. Reliability combined with great performance, low operating costs, and easy maintenance ensure the best result in a real primary crushing application. The C80 jaw crusher is the primary crushing station for the Nordplant, which comprises primary, secondary, and tertiary crushing modules, as well as secondary and tertiary screening modules.

The C80 is intended for use in modular configurations, and has a feed opening of 800mm × 510mm and capacity up to 335 tonnes per hour. The skid-mounted crusher does not require concrete foundations, allowing for quick installation and easy plant integration. Areas where any wear is anticipated are engineered to be easy to replace or protected by sacrificial wear items, ensuring that maintenance is easy and cost efficient over the long lifetime of the crusher. These designs protect the most expensive main components from wear and shorten maintenance time, resulting in higher uptime.

MaxiScalp 600 specs

Screen size (top deck) 4 800mm × 1 500mm
Screen size (bottom deck) 3 650mm × 1 500mm
Screen speed 900rpm
Media tensioning Top deck: side tensioning
Bottom deck: end tensioning
Power 22kW 380V electric motor with Rosta pivot base
Apron feeder
Surge capacity Approximately 7m3
Width 1120mm
Apron Abrasion-resistant interlocking steel slats mounted onto a heavy-duty chain drive
Tensioning Continuous self-tensioning apron chain
Power 18.5kW 380V electric motor with variable speed drive
Oversize conveyor
Belt width 1 200mm
Belt class Class 630 / 4 ply
Conveyor length 8m
Stockpile height 3.5m (single-stage screening – oversize material only)
2.8m (multi-stage screening combined top and middle deck onto the oversize conveyor)
Belt speed 1.1m/s
Power 18.5kW 380V electric motor
Collector conveyor
Belt width 1 200mm
Belt class Class 630 / 4 ply
Conveyor length 4.7m
Belt speed 2.0m/s
Power 9.2kW 380V electric motor
Midgrade / fines conveyor
Belt width 800mm
Belt class Class 500 / 4 ply
Conveyor length Optional 16m, 20m, 24m
Belt speed 1.6m/s
Power 9.2kW or 15kW 380V electric motor (conveyor length dependent)
Skid frame
Frame Heavy-duty support frame
Support structure Inclined adjustable screen angle support frame
Access Walkways and access ladders on both sides of the screen
Screen angle Hydraulic adjusted, 12°-19°
Estimated weight
Total 25 000kg

Metso Nordberg C80 jaw crusher specs

Power 75kW
Basic crusher weight 7 670kg
Feed opening 800mm × 510mm
Capacity up to 335tph
Speed 350rpm
Operational crusher weight 9 520kg

Metso partnership
The open day was well supported by senior members of the Metso management team who expressed their complete confidence in their regional distributor. “The best partner we want to have is Pilot — we have allied philosophies, especially a commitment to service and support,” said Adrian Wood, vice-president Distribution AGG Business Line.

Pilot Crushtec’s DoppiaTrac DR400 double roll crusher is the only machine of its kind manufactured in South Africa. Image credit: Dineo Phoshoko

Proof of the rapport that exists between customer and supplier was shown in September last year, when Pilot Crushtec International received the ‘Best New Service Distributor’ award at Metso’s inaugural global distributor conference.

Josh Meyer, senior vice-president AMET (Africa, Middle East and Turkey), made the comment that he had seen people totally committed to a partnership that would create a better dealer infrastructure absolutely fundamental to the Metso corporate identity.

Scherf concluded by describing the added value the company has gained since its alignment with Metso. “It’s a very good company, very technically minded, incredibly supportive and our goals are aligned. For example, the distributor manager spends two weeks of every month based at our offices and we have a full-time Metso product support specialist based permanently at our offices; something that I think is phenomenal. Another aspect of their technical assistance is the Bruno software simulation package, which enables us to accurately predict the results of a machine or train of machines across a given range of applications.”

14 Feb 2018

By Robyn Grimsley
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