Elon Musk posts car elevator test video

Just less than a month after tweeting that The Boring Company had completed the first tunnel segment in Los Angeles as part of a plan to build tunnels to avoid the hectic LA traffic, Elon Musk has posted another update video – this time showing a test of the car elevator.

Credit: @elonmusk

On 20 July, Musk tweeted that he had received ‘verbal government approval’ for an underground Hyperloop from the New York city centre to the Washington DC city centre, with up to a dozen (or possibly even more) car elevators in each city:

Credit: @elonmusk

People were quick to point out that ‘verbal government approval’ isn’t actually something that exists, and Musk followed up a little later in the day with:

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Since then, Musk has met with Hawthorne, California, Mayor Alex Vargas, who has ‘several physics degrees’, according to the Daily Breeze, giving him a tour of the SpaceX, Tesla and The Boring Company’s Hawthorne facilities.

Credit: @elonmusk

On Wednesday 26 July, Musk tweeted the link to The Boring Company’s latest test video, this time for the car elevator:

Testing The Boring Company car elevator


Testing The Boring Company car elevator

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Credit: elonmusk

So, optimism aside, however protracted the formal approval process may turn out to be, the project is moving forwards. Maybe by the time the approvals are received, the technology will be ready to go.


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